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Warfare, Environment, Social Inequality and Pro-Sociability Studies (WESIPS) Conference

Please complete this online registration to attend the 2021 Warfare, Environment, Social Inequality and Pro-Sociability Studies (WESIPS) Conference in Seville, Spain. Please be sure to register, complete all forms, and submit the conference fee of $300 USD by February 19, 2021.


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…make sure you have a digital copy of the page in your passport with your picture on it or a digital copy of your European Union National ID card. This digital copy can be in any file format (JPEG, PDF, Word, etc.) suitable for uploading.

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Please note that any questions regarding this conference should be directed to:

Dr. Richard J. Chacon
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Series Editor for Springer's Anthropology and Ethics
Winthrop University
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Office: (803) 323-4656


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